What we do – a success story!

Here is a sampler we purchased at an auction.

In one sense it was a genealogist’s dream because it contained details of all her eight siblings and their dates of birth, and those of her parents going back to 1761.

Having traced Sarah’s family line we then set about finding her living relatives and after much painstaking research we found her great-great grandson – a doctor in the USA.

Dr M had an active interest in family history and was thrilled when we told him of our find. Eventually we shipped the sampler out to him and he wrote to us to tell us how pleased he was with our work.

“Many thanks for your efforts ‘repatriating’ the Boulton sampler to
this second great-grandson of Sarah Ann Boulton. It arrived in great
condition, and I appreciate the care taken in packing it for the
Trans-Atlantic journey, right down to the lattice-like taping of the
glass covering the Sampler. No damage whatsoever. The ‘damage’ to
the lower frame which you clearly indicated in your website
illustration of the Sampler was barely perceptible when I examined it
in person.

All in all, it is a wonderful family heirloom to have, and
I thank you for bringing its existence to my attention. We are in the
process of finding a place of honor for it to hang in our house.”



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